“Through my work with the Yaak Valley Forest Council in Troy, MT, I have worked with Tracy McIntyre on various community and economic development projects.  Tracy’s expertise in the field has been invaluable in her work with us.  Her professionalism and wealth of knowledge has inspired me, my co-workers, and fellow community leaders to think creatively and practically about our various challenges including community marketing, sustainable economic development, and generational poverty.”

  ~ Shawna Kelsey, Yaak Valley Forest Council Greater Troy, MT

“I have known Tracy McIntyre for 10 years and worked closely with her through the Town Council for 6 years.  Her knowledge, grant writing and administrative skills have proven invaluable on several major infrastructure projects.  She is a hardworking and dependable asset to our community and a valuable friend.”

~ LeeAnn Schermerhorn, Mayor of Town of Eureka, MT

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Tracy McIntyre and working closely with her in various roles for over ten years.  Through my small business, Montana Economic Development Services, my task is to coordinate and grow several statewide organizations involved in some form of economic development.  Tracy has served a leadership role in these organizations including Montana Economic Developers Association (250 members), Montana Ambassadors (221 members), and Montana Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) Program.  In virtually every organization she served, applying her leadership skills to project management, problem solving, and strategic planning, Tracy has made a long-lasting positive impact. ”

~Gloria O’Rourke, Montana Economic Development Services


“As the Lincoln County Commissioner, I have contracted with Tracy and Rural Economic Designs, to develop and administer a number of projects for Lincoln County.  Currently Tracy is managing a bike path construction project with the MT Dept. of Transportation and Office of Tourism. She is managing all of the budget, communication and contracts on he project.  Tracy is also working with us on developing the Ksanka Creek Restoration Project where she obtained funding for and procured the engineering firm.  Her professionalism and working knowledge of Montana and Project management are critical for the work we are doing.”

~ Mike Cole, Lincoln County Montana District #3 Commissioner

“I have had the distinct pleasure to have worked with Tracy for the last several years.  As the President of the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce and the Tobacco Valley Industrial District, I can confirm that Tracy has the capacity and knowledge to manage any project and/or event.  Tracy was part of the team for the Eureka Rendezvous Days for a number of years and lead the event through the transitional period working with vendors to build a site from scratch for three years.  With over 3,000 people attending the weekend festivities, Tracy oversaw all the details.  From marketing to schedule development, to volunteer management and entertainment contracts, Tracy, with her team, truly developed an excellent event for our Community.   Tracy’s event management skills range from hosting fundraisers, weddings, community festivals, grand openings and so much more.  She is a blessing to have in our community and I highly recommend her for any event.”

~ Tammy Lawler, Branch Manager Eureka Glacier Bank