Rural Economic Designs, LLC has a variety of services to meet your community or organizations needs.  Our business model is unique in the fact that we also coordinate a number of other consultants to provide the service you need.

  • Project Development and Management: We work with communities and organizations to design projects with lasting impacts. This work includes finding financing, procurement of professionals, and administration to completion.
  • Strategic Planning: We build strategic plans that have tangible tasks, identification of responsibilities, and develop a timeline with measurable outcomes. This helps organizations and communities develop successful projects.  Included under Strategic Planning is capital improvement planning, comprehensive economic development strategies and other required planning documents need for municipalities and nonprofits working in economic and community development
  • Event Management:  Working with our subsidiary company, Montana Memories and Events, Rural Economic Designs, has a full team of professional event coordinators on staff and ready to plan your next conference, board retreat, fundraiser, tournament, business opening, and more.
  • Leadership Training:  Working with organizations, communities, and businesses to improve leadership capacity and development opportunities that lead to strategic planning and implementation.
  • Membership Development:  Many organizations have need to expand and/or engage members. Through working partnerships with organizations we assist in developing a message that will recruit new members and inspire current.
  • Public Outreach:  Recognizing that many projects require public input and/or outreach we can help develop a public outreach program to make projects more successful.
  • Fund Development: Working with organizations and communities to find private and public funding through grant writing and administration, and fundraising campaigns.
  • Networking/Connecting:  One of our largest benefits of being part of a project is our network and our ability to bring specialist into projects we work on.  Through Regional,State and Federal partnerships, Associations, and Colleagues all across Montana and the Pacific Northwest our ability to connect individuals and organizations to service providers will help lead to success.