Principal Tracy McIntyre

Hi and welcome!  As a form of introduction my name is Tracy McIntyre and I’m the Principal at Rural Economic Designs, LLC.   I started this company in 2013 as a means to share my passion and knowledge in leadership, project management, and strategic planning in rural communities

Over the course of the last three years, Rural Economic Designs has  grown into a full fledged consulting company providing a number of services for communities, organizations, and businesses.   Our goal is to work with our clients leadership team to establish stronger planning and more successful projects; thus improving the overall quality of life in Rural communities across the Pacific Northwest.   And, as a means of definition, when we say Rural we really mean any community under 100,000 in population. 

Our business model is a bit unique in the consulting world as we recognize that though we are not experts at all, we do know experts in a number of key fields including legal, engineering, facilitation, and public relations (to name a few).   Our approach is to truly understand the clients need and design a team that best meets those needs.  Sometimes we work solo and other times, Rural Economic  Designs, is simply the coordinating partner.   We understand that consultants can be an additional expense (we’ve been there) and with that understanding, we strive to ensure our clients receive valuable services and that we meet expectations. 

Lets work together to make Rural America stronger. 

Recently Tracy McIntyre was highlighted in the Great Falls Tribune as part of the Montana Young Professionals Summit.