Welcome to 2018! A brand New Year and we are growing! Here is our cost of services for 2018.

If you are seeking a specific service and it is not listed here, we are well known for thinking outside the box.  So please give us a call or send us an email.  We are happy to brainstorm with you and if we cannot help you directly we will make suggestions from our extensive array of professional connections on who may!

  • All of our costs are all-inclusive.  We do not charge for printing, postage, etc.
  • Application fees or other purchases made directly for the client are their responsibility.
  • Travel:  We charge a $25/hour travel fee, GSA per diem per each employee and mileage, and hotel costs are reimbursed by a receipt.
Service Costs What it Includes

Non-profit Board 101 Training



·         One 30-minute session with Board Chair and/or Executive Director to determine goals of training,

·         One 2-hour session for Board and Key Staff, and

·         A 2 to 3-page narrative outlining the activity/results of the session.

Non-profit Strategic Plan Development $1,500 ·         One 30-minute session with leadership team to determine goals of strategic planning,

·         Two 6-hour sessions for Board and Key Staff members, and

·         Up to 15-page summary of a strategic plan with a full Action Plan Matrix built with goals, assignment, and timeline.

Non-profit Additional Services $65/hour We recognize that non-profits (501 c 3, c4, or c6) need additional assistance from time to time.  We can provide a range of services from agenda development, facilitation, fundraising, campaign development and more.
Private Business Planning $70/hour Many businesses (startup and/or expanding) have services available through numerous local programs.  However, from time to time businesses need help to navigate the numerous programs and developing a business plan that will allow them to be eligible for assistance.  Our team will work with the owner/key staff to develop a Business Plan.
Government/Community Planning $75/hour Many local governments need to complete some form of planning from Strategic Action Plans, Capital Improvement Plans, Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies, or more.  We can provide facilitation services for all the required public meetings, develop surveys (online and in-person), host open houses, do one on one interviews, and develop/facilitate the planning sessions for leadership.  As each community’s need is different this is only provided by an hourly rate structure.   We have legal, engineering, and other facilitators available to participate, at their own hourly rate, as needed throughout the planning process for additional guidance and engagement.
Grant/Alternative Funding Research $75/hour Our team is well versed in grant development and can provide your entity (non-profit, government, private) research for potential alternative funding.   We spend the amount of time you request (normally 5 to 7 hours) and provide a listing of grant/alternative funding that your entity could potentially be eligible for.  The list will include contact information, buzz words, and an outline of the program.
Grant/Alternative Funding Writing $85/hour Our Principal has 20 years of experience in grant development and will provide grant writing services for foundation and government funding.  Within this service is also assistance with business loan applications for the private sector and government programs; working with or in adjacent to your local economic development office.
Project Development $85/hour Many entities have ideas but need help in making those ideas become reality.  Our role will be to work with your leadership team to develop the goals and objectives then create a defined pathway to begin a project.  A lot of times this includes the above services of grant writing and also can include identifying partners, permits, designs, and so much more.
Project Administration $90/hour Our team provides administration services that include grant/alternative financing management, procurement of professionals (engineering/architects), communication and public relation services, timeline management, file development and tracking, coordination of other professional services including (not limited to) engineering/architectural, legal, auditing, etc.  We also can track wage requirements, complete required reporting and closeout, and generally manage your project until completion.
Facilitation Services $90/hour Difficult meeting ahead? Public meeting outside of a planning process?  We are available to work with you and your staff to develop a meeting that meets your goals and we can also provide facilitation services for the meeting.