Earlier this summer, I had the rare opportunity to spend a day with my Dad in the Flathead; just the two of us.  I had a doctors appointment and he was dropping off his hand-painted glassware from Elk Camp Arts to the Crown of the Continent Discovery Center.

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I must admit, having parents like mine, has been a huge inspiration in my own business.  My parents, installed in their daughters early on that we really could do anything we want, and as of this year all three of their daughters are now business owners!  Working with and watching my father, as he built his art business over the course of more years then he’d want me to say, has shown me that hard work, dedication and passion, along with some solid Montana determination can result in fulfilling a dream.  There isn’t a day that goes by that my Dad isn’t pursuing his art dream and every day, more and more growth occurs.  Truly inspiring.

Along our adventurous day, we stopped at the Glacier Distillery in Corum, Montana.   I know a number of the Distillers in the State, but this little gem of a place has probably my all time favorite drink; The Daughter of the Sun, Cherry Brandy Liqueur.  If you haven’t tried it, and are over 21 of course, this is a must for your Montana Bucket List!  Victoria and her husband Nick, are an incredible couple with rich personal life stories.  Though, I do not know them overly well, anytime I visit with them I’m in awe of their passion for our State and for just living life to the fullest.  They have created an awesome business in a rural area, and give back to their community every day.  From creating local jobs and utilizing local products, the Glacier Distillery is an awesome business and one I encourage everyone to support.

Glacier Distilling “Daughter of the Sun” looks perfect in Elk Camp Art hand-painted Tumblers
As you can see, this day was shaping up to be pretty awesome.  As we ran the normal errands to Costco, went to the doctors appointment and generally did what one living in Rural Montana does when we make it to the “big” towns, my Dad and I reminisced about his childhood and mine, and how many things have changed.  It always brings a smile on my face listening to my Dad talk about days gone by.   He truly can make even the most stoic person break out in laughter with his stories; such a typical old cowboy my Dad.

On our route home, through Whitefish, Montana, we saw the signs for the local Farmers Market.  Now, this is also should be on everyone’s bucket list for a Montana Summer as the Whitefish Farmers Market is such a wonderful experience.  Crafters, food vendors, fresh produce from the surrounding area, live music, and good community vibes make this a great stop along any route.   So, of course, we stopped!  IIMG_5289[1]t was an absolutely wonderful way to end this Father/Daughter day of fun.   While walking through, we found all sorts of treasures but I’d be mistaken if I didn’t tell you about this young girl who was just truly beautiful inside and out.  Though, I don’t know her name, she is the owner and creative person behind Cutie Pies.  I pretty much fell in love with everything about this young business and entrepreneur.  She is the classic entrepreneur that every Economic Developer/Business Technical Assistance Provider would want.  Well presented, solid idea, business knowledge and an outstanding product that was well packaged.   If you are in Whitefish, you WANT a Cutie Pie!  I personally tried the Strawberry Apple and it was bursting with flavor and hello… look how cute it was packaged… I almost didn’t want to open it! Just absolutely wonderful.

Now this day didn’t just happen, its been a good 5-6 weeks ago.  But, it is still a day that is lingering in my mind.  I go back to it, and will continue to revisit the memory, for not only was it a special day with my Dad, but it was full of all these great businesses and individuals.  Finding inspiration isn’t always easy but there are days like this one, that will stay with you long after the photos fade.  The feeling of connecting with like minded entrepreneurs was thrilling, and I continue to seek this type of connection as a cornerstone in my professional and personal life.  Truly, for me, inspiration is finding moments of time that you can store away and remember the scents, excitement, sounds, and textures; so that anytime when life gets a little dark or a little harder than you like, you get hit hard and knocked down a bit, you can pull that moment up and remember, overall life is pretty dang amazing and take on a new day.