It is with great pleasure to be serving the State of Montana as a Montana Ambassador. When I received my appointment to the Ambassadors in 2013 I was unaware how vast of a network the Ambassador had, and how amazing being a part of them would really be. Now, being on the Board and having started my business, I couldn’t imagine not having this network supporting me.  I have made some incredible friends through my involvement with the Montana Ambassadors and I’m honored to be assisting in the hosting of the 12th Annual Business Open Golf Tournament at the Old Works Golf course in Anaconda Montana.

This event is so much more than a golf tournament- it is an opportunity to connect with friends, make new acquaintances, and build your network; which will continue to support you in your career.  Networks are a key to most peoples’ success  and this is where people come together to Better Montana.

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The Montana Business Open is a full day of golf and fun in the great outdoors of Montana on August 12th.  Anaconda is a wonderful community to spend some time shopping and exploring for those of you who want to be involved but don’t really enjoy golfing.   Though we encourage all to participate in the Awards BBQ around 1:30/2:00 as we fill the entire Club House with laughter and maybe a few shenanigans.

On August 11th, is the networking reception at Fairmont Hot-springs, with the Montana Ambassadors, Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development, many members of the Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA), business leaders, government leaders, and community members from across the State.   This networking reception is well worth the trip and one I hope I will see many of you at.   If you are registered as a golfer the reception is part of your registration fee; if you are one (like me) that won’t necessarily being taking up a nine iron, it is $15 to join the reception.  Beyond worth it!

Montana is a wonderful place to work, live, and play in!  The Montana Business Open and Networking Reception is an event that showcases Montana at its finest.  You will make friends for a life time, learn about programs and possibly find assistance for your business or entity, and overall have a great time.

The Montana Ambassadors have also provided a series of sponsorship opportunities for businesses to showcase what they do.   Montana Ambassadors Sponsorship Incentives_Page_1Montana Ambassadors Sponsorship Incentives_Page_2SIGN UP TODAY

Take my advice,  this is something you don’t want to miss!