On this weekend, while the sun is shining and mountains are calling, we find ourselves taking a bit of a break from the company to celebrate the women in our lives that we call Moms.  For me, growing up in rural Montana and enjoying the lifestyle that many only hear about on movies, I had three amazing women who encouraged and provided strength to me over the years.

This Mothers Day is the first time that we won’t have our Grandmothers with us (or at least on earth with us) and though there is a saddness in our hearts, it is a perfect time to reflect how much our mothers and grandmothers give to all of us.

Rural Economic Designs, LLC is a tribute to my grandmothers and my Mom.  Sandy, that’s my Mom and I in the middle picture, is an an amazing woman.  She has support the development of Rural Economic Designs in more ways than one.  Not only did she spend extra time designing and remodeling our office but she is now working part-time for the company. She provides research, office administration, and in all truth a bit of sanity!  Seriously, she is running errands for us right now on a Saturday just to make sure that we all can spend a day of free-time tomorrow!

My grandmothers, were individuals who raised families and showed me what hard work and dedication really meant.   My Grandma Wilcox worked side by side my grandfather from farming to their janitorial company, to many other trades over the years.  Growing up in Rural New Mexico my Grams had a special talent for taking a loaf of bread and making a meal from it to feed a small army.  No one ever went hungry when Lily was in the room. She was kind in a way of a true southern woman, but she had bit of a fiery temper from time to time when needed.  She loved fiercely and gave all she had to her family and friends.

Grandma Mac, (my Dad’s mom) lost her husband way to early.  With three young men to raise, Grandma worked odds and ends jobs, was a beautician, and could make the most beautiful afghans you have every seen.  As years flew by and her sons started raising families of her own, she took the road and spent her time traveling mostly in the Mountains of Montana and Wyoming.  Working as a camp host most summers she was content to be in her motor home and be completely dependent on herself.  The stories she would tell of the people she meet and places she saw always made me smile.  I was lucky to of spent some time in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming with her just exploring  during a summer off of college.  It is one of my favorite memories of her and I truly believe that some of the love I have for the mountains and solitutude came from the time I spent with Grandma Mac.

As a woman owed company with a full female staff, Rural Economic Designs, wants to recognize all Moms and Grandmas out there.   The strength and perseverance that we have here at Rural Economic Designs, is largely attributed to these three woman.   My advice for today, is if you really want to get something done gather a group of Mom’s and brainstorm it out with them.   Mothers have a unique ability to find solutions even in the darkest of hours especially when building a future for their children.

Happy Mothers Day everyone!