As an economic developer for North Lincoln County Montana, I had the pleasure to work with a number of entrepreneurs.  Now, taking the plunge and becoming an entrepreneur myself, life is taking on a new meaning.  First, taking my own advice and starting a consulting firm has been the most rewarding challenge I’ve done in my career.   There were some doubts, as with anyone starting a business, but the thought of not taking this next step for my career seemed unfathomable!


Taking the leap of faith, I left my secure position and became a full time consultant in January 2016; though I actually developed Rural Economic Designs in 2013 as a way to work in areas outside of the nonprofit I was working for.  It has been a whorl-wind of mixed emotions and successes as the firm continues to grow.  I’ve hired a PT person to help with keeping us going in the office, remodeled a home office for the base of operations, and been traveling often for meeting with clients, colleagues, and partners, while also  doing presentations across Montana.

Now, 4 months in I have amazing clients, a great employee, a wonderful bookkeeper (lifesaver!) and building my first website.  It might take a while to get used to everything but my words of advice… take the opportunity to fly!